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by Azone co.,ltd

What is TOUCH

Commitment to reliable quality

Since our establishment in 1989, we have been carefully manufacturing each and every pair of shoes with the aim of creating the "favorite shoes" that modern women want to wear today.
With the motto of "easy to wear, easy to walk in, and fashionable," we have been making each pair of shoes with the hope that they will last longer and make your life more enjoyable.
We have faced many difficulties in the process, but it is because we have flexibly accepted the changes of the times and have done our best that we have carved out a history of more than 25 years.
We believe that it is because we have done our best to flexibly accept the changes of the times that we have been able to carve out a history that spans more than 25 years and become what we are today.

The secret of high quality
-Product List-


Wide Round Toe Thick Sole Low Heel

by Azone co.,ltd

A simple pump design that can be worn with any style. They have a round toe that is easy on the toes and a thick sole that provides a sense of stability and comfort.

The warm material is also fashionable.

Anti-bacterial and anti-odor insole

Cushion insole


The soft fabric feels good on the feet, and the wide design allows for flexibility.

The soft fabric is comfortable for the feet, and the wide design allows for flexibility, making these pumps easy to walk in and less tiring.


Available in 8 colors.



Eco-friendly Japanese Paper (OJO+) 
Wide Round Toe P

by Azone co.,ltd

The naturally occurring washi yarn, which is moisture and odor resistant, has a light and smooth texture. Comfortable on bare feet in summer, it is a new summer footwear alternative to sandals.

Environmentally friendly washi yarn is used (15%).

The washi yarn is resistant to frictional heat, making it less likely to cause shoe sores.

They are more breathable than ordinary surfaces, providing a smooth texture and a light feeling.

They do not stick to the skin even when sweating, and do not get cold even when sweating.

The technology that absorbs both water and oil, unique to washi fibers, allows the wearer to experience the comfort that only washi can provide.

These pumps are made with a unique Japanese technology that is gentle to the skin and to the environment.

Antibacterial and deodorant insole is used.

Color expansion


If you have any guestions about color, please contact us.


Round toe Flat pumps

by Azone co.,ltd

The stitched cuff gives them a handmade warmth.

he elastic closure fits your feet without tightening.

The round toe makes your feet look neat, and the soft fabric prevents your toes from hurting.

This is a pair that emphasizes function.

The heel is about 3.5 cm, a flat style that is easy to walk in.

The fabric is softer than most pumps, and the wide design makes them comfortable to wear.

They are also highly flexible, making them easy to walk in, so you can use them for a long time.

The high resilience insole reduces the burden on your feet.

The inside of the shoe is soft to the touch and can be worn barefoot.

Available in 7variations of colors.

From basic colors to accent colors, we have a wide selection.

Black/Navy/Camel/Charcoal/Mustard/Pink beige/Ivory