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Oshino Village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, where Luribio is born, is located on a plateau in the northern foothills of Mt Fuji, and is known for its abundant spring water and excellent water quality, as seen in Oshino Hakkai.
In addition, the village is full of natural attractions closely related to Mt Fuji, such as the beautiful scenery with Mt Fuji, the continental fresh climate, and the rich ecology of plants and animals.

Artichoke leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, witch hazelnut fruit extract, osmanthus root extract, carob root extract, kuzu root extract, chamomile flower extract, camphor leaf extract, chlorella extract, saffron extract, ginger root extract, astragalus extract, soybean seed extract, bilberry fruit extract. Extracts...these are all part of the beauty ingredients that make up Luribio's beauty products.
In the first place, the idea of Luribio cosmetics is not to cover your face with foundation, but to make your skin beautiful and young. It has been more than 35 years since we immersed ourselves in the development of better cosmetics from data and the latest research information.
There are more than 500 kinds of natural extracts that Luribio has adopted so far.
<In the spring, as the snow melts, the "breath of nature" sprouts from every corner of the earth...

It is the beauty of life that makes us feel pure, fresh, and strong at the same time.
These natural extracts, "the gift of life," can be used to make your skin and mind equally beautiful and full of vitality.
It is the desire of Luribio to have your skin and mind overflowing with beauty and life force.


-Product List-


Special skin water Aqua Clareth

by Azone co.,ltd

Fuji natural water with excellent penetration and carefully selected beauty ingredients such as sake derived ingredients are blended into this special skin care water.

It contains more than 10 kinds of beauty ingredients such as Thoroughbred placenta,proteoglycan,arch choke,licorice extract, sake derived ingredients,and 4 kinds of peptides.

It also contains minerals,vanadium,and silica,and is made with mild natural water from the Shakushi mountain range in Fuji.

It has a very high penetrating power, so apply the Beauty Skin Water after cleansing your face, and then apply your lotion or milky lotion to penetrate deeper into your skin.


Cinderella Luribio night gel 

by Azone co.,ltd

It is not enough to sleep for a long time, but the quality of sleep is important.

During the first three hours of sleep (Non Rem sleep), a large amount of important growth hormones(for skin and hair maintenance and fat breakdown)are secreted.

Cinderella Luribio is a nighttime gel containing a total of 41 beauty ingredients born from research on growth hormones and circadian rhythms(body clock).

Just  put it on and go to sleep,and the elasticity and moisture will last until the next morning.

For people with dry skin who are too lazy to do this or that,have trouble applying makeup,or are concerned about lines around the eyes and mouth. Just put it on and go to sleep,it’s that simple.

Lots of great products still to come!
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