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What is Lcup

It is easy to drink, easy to let drink, easy to drink well, relieves stress, and prevents accidental gulping. It can also be reheated in a microwave oven.


We hope that our nursing cups will ease your stress and allow you to enjoy your precious moments.

We help all people to live comfortably in their own way.

Why it's necessary.


Nursing cup  L-CUP

by Azone co.,ltd

Easy to drink without spilling.
A cup born from the nursing care field.

Drinking my favorite coffee. Normally, it is a blissful moment. But in a nursing home... Can I drink without spilling? Do I need to straighten my back? Can I drink by myself? This is a moment of tension and stress for both the caregiver and the recipient. The "Elcup for Nursing Care 2" was created based on feedback from nursing care facilities, with the hope of easing stress and allowing people to enjoy their precious moments. In nursing homes, water is made to be thicker to prevent slurping. Water is less viscous and flows quickly through the mouth and down the throat. Elderly people are also less perceptive, which makes it easier for water to get into their airways, causing them to get sick more often. In nursing homes, water is made thicker to avoid this problem. This makes it difficult for the water to pass through the straw and requires more force to be sucked in. The act of sucking opens up the airway, making it more susceptible to malabsorption and aspiration. We don't want to use straws as much as possible. The Elcup was developed with these considerations in mind. Just a slight tilt and you can drink it all The tilt of the cup allows the user to tilt it slightly and drink all of it without hitting the nose. Also, you can drink without moving your head too much, which prevents "dizziness" that occurs when you move your head. Side leak prevention The side leak prevention prevents spillage from the corners of the mouth. The semi-transparent design makes it easy to see what is inside. Can be held with both hands for a stable drinking position With handles on both sides, the bottle can be held with both hands and only needs to be tilted slightly, so even people with paralysis or weak muscles can easily handle it and drink in a stable posture. Pursued even in the smallest details The bottom of the cup is wide to prevent it from falling over. It is also easy to hold in your hand by hooking your finger on the hole on the bottom.

The rim around the mouth prevents horizontal leakage.The cup is slanted so you can drink from a comfortable position.

The hole at the bottom and two handles provide stability.

Patent No. 4177446 Japan, Korea, U.S.A. Design registration No.1354431


11.5 cm (width) X 8 cm (diameter) X 8 cm (height) Capacity 280ml

Type and color

Red, Black, White

Material / Specifications

Polypropylene Dishwasher safe Dishwasher safe (140 degrees) Microwaveable

Weight 70g

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