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Safety Information
Material Safety Data Sheet


Clean shoes only 

Foot odor problem solved!! Just shake it to clean your shoes.

Recommended for those who suffer from the sweaty smell of children’s sports shoes,

the swollen smell of business shoes, the stuffy smell of pumps, and the sour smell in boots after sweating at work!

Furudake Shoe Clean is truly made in Japan,using Japanese scallop shells and carefully crafted in a Japanese factory.

What is scallop shell powder?

When dissolved in water,the calcined scallop shell powder becomes a strong alkaline solution with a PH value of 12 or higher which can be used to sterilize food  poisoning bacteria, odor bacteria, and germs, and to remove pesticides and dirt.

Features of scallop shell powder

Natural ingredients from the Sea of Okhotsk Japan

Safe to use for babies

The product has received high evaluation from third-party organizations,  including primary skin irritation tests and acute oral toxicity tests, so you can use it with confidence.

Strong antibacterial power

When the powder is dissolved in water,it becomes a very strong alkaline liquid.It can be used in a variety of situations in the home.

These ingredients are certified food additives, so they are safe and secure!


Chemical composition everything does not use



Natural material

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